Paul’s Story – Gastric Sleeve Patient

As a kid, I always had been a big kid. I remember having to go to Sears to get my clothes because they were the only department store in the area that carried husky pants because I had to be in husky rather than regular. Then, as I got older, I did all of the fad diets, you know. I did Weight Watchers. I’ve done Paleo. I did some fasting, all that type of stuff. It wasn’t until maybe about five years ago that I was diagnosed as a diabetic and also with high blood pressure and it got to the point where I was going to need to go on insulin. He said if drastic measures weren’t taken, I would need to start the insulin. That is when I decided to do the bariatric surgery.

I did my own little research online and looked at Dr. Malladi’s website and she looked very kind, and I decided, you know what, why not go with her. I had made an appointment with a couple of other doctors and after my first visit here, because of the staff and because of her, I decided to stay. The first visit was a lot of questions. We discussed what type of options that I had, if I was going to do the sleeve or if I was more of a bypass type of person and what would be easier for me. After discussing all of my options, we decided to go with the sleeve. Over a year ago, I had the gastric sleeve surgery. As of now, I no longer have the diabetes or am on any medications for that as well as for the high blood pressure. I have lost about 105 pounds. One of the big things that I have noticed that might be something small for other people is that I can cross my legs. It is such a simple easy thing that is so great. Another big thing is that I go to the gym 5 days a week.

I started off kind of slow, I started off with walking. I actually started walking a week out after having the surgery. Then increased it to a mile, I was just doing a block and then did to a mile and then I got up to two and then to three. I would totally recommend Dr. Malladi. She and her staff have been nothing but professional and have been what I would think, life savers. I struggled all of my life and now I have a new outlook and everything is like I have a brand new start. A new beginning that I am just so happy.

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