Maripepa’s Story – Linx Procedure

I had really bad acid reflux, coughing. My symptoms were cough and it was really disruptive, if either I was talking too much or fast or eating. While I was eating, or drinking, or laughing, anything would provoke a really nasty cough that sounded like it was coming from my lungs. So everyone would turn around and look at you like “AHH, why is she coughing?” So I started looking for different options. Because it is a family trait, my mother and brother had the fundoplication surgery which didn’t really help for the cough. They still have some acid reflux and they still cough quite a lot so I started looking for options and found Dr. Malladi. I met with her and she talked about the fundoplication and the Linx procedure which helped a lot. She explained to me exactly what it was and how does it work and that it was a good option for me, for my problem. So after talking to the doctor, I was a good candidate. It is a minimally invasive procedure, one night in the hospital. It doesn’t hurt. It’s not uncomfortable at all. It does take a little while to adjust because you have to swallow and chew everything, and now I’m not coughing as I used to. It’s not like a lung cough it’s just more like I swallowed something. I am so glad I found out about this surgery because it is so much easier compared to my family who had the fundoplication surgery and it hasn’t worked at all for them, either the reflux or the cough.

I am so glad I found Dr. Malladi. She is very nice, very patient explaining everything. Her staff is very, very attentive and I would highly recommend her to anyone, and I have.

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