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Everything went great. I didn’t feel any pain after surgery and I extremely happy with the services Dr. Malladi provided. I am especially thankful that Dr. Malladi accepted me as a patient. My family doctor, Dr. Callejas told me she was one of the best surgeons in Dallas and I completely agree. May god bless Dr. Malladi and may she continue to help other patients with their medical issues.

Ramon Alvarez

Gallbladder Surgery- Staff is very kind and professional. Doctor is extremely knowledgeable, very helpful, and informative. Surgery was a success. I was impressed on how quickly the doctor and staff were able to schedule me for the procedure to relieve me from so much pain. I don’t think this surgery has a before and after picture. I lost a pound, the gallbladder? hahaha.

Belinda Ramirez

Love the personal care and relation with Dr. Malladi and all her personel. Everyone is very polite and caring. Explained all procedure and recovery with detail.

Maria Hinijosa

Staff at hospital was Awesome. Staff here at Dr. Malladi office and Dr. Malladi are awesome as well. I never felt like a number here in the office or at the hospital.

Michael Salazar

Dr. Malladi is the absolute best. She has helped me become responsible for my health and I can truly say I love who I am becoming. My recovery was smooth and her staff along with Methodist, helped me every step og the way.

Terrence Henderson

Since the surgery I have lost weight. I have gained a lot of energy in walking and just everyday activities. I am able to cross my legs and sit indian style. I have also gained a lot of self-confidence. I am very happy with my results.

Yolanda L.

I am absolutely happy about everything Dr. Malladi and her staff did for me. I have tried multiple times in previos years to have the sleeve and they made it happen. This is the best decision that I have ever made! Up to this point, I haven’t had any problems. I have more energy, more confidence and glad i chose this office.

LaNetra S.

I would like to thank Malladi Bariatrics team for being so professional and informative. Every question or concern I had was answered. Dr. Malladi made me feel at ease and comfortable. I am truly blessed to have Dr. Malladi as my doctor.


Dr. Malladi is a very caring, passionate physician that makes you feel important. I am so glad I went to her for my bariatric surgery and I would recommend her to anyone interested in improving their life style, feeling better and being happy with their body. Anyone interested in bariatric surgery definetely needs to schedule a consultation with Dr. Malladi.

Cyndie L.

After having a particularly challenging 2017, I decided to do something just for me. I consulted another physician and after almost 3 months I had not had any progress towards surgery. After consulting with Dr. Malladi it just felt right. Everyone in the office is professional and helpful. I was approved in weeks not months. The procedure was just as discussed (sleeve gastrectomy). My quality of life has improved tremendously. I highly recommend Malladi Bariatrics and advanced Surgery. Do it for you!!

Veronica Jackson

My surgery was absolutely AMAZING! Very minimal complications and the post-op support was on point. I felt confident and knowledgeable.

Delora B.

Dr. Malladi saved my life. At 481 pounds, I didn’t realize how much I was slowly killing myself. Gastric Sleeve surgery was one of the best decisions I could have ever made in my lefe. My quality of life has changed so much and I am forever grateful.

Brooklyn Kyles

From the start, the staff has been the most compassionate and caring of any providers office I have been in. The surgery itself was easy, I slept right through it. After surgery, the doctor showed great concern and care with me during my hospital stay, making sure i understood each step of the process. Once released home, the care did not stop the doctor and her staff were very welcoming even though I am sure my questions were quite silly. I would recommend Dr. Malladi to everyone.

Brandy H.

My experience has been great from the start. It has only gotten better. I am off 15 medications since my surgery, my life has gotten so much better in every way. Things seem to just keep getting better everyday. Am getting out and doing so much more. I am still losing weight and am almost to my goal weight. I am very excited for the next steps of my life now. It has made me look forward to everday now. I couldn’t be any happier. The people here are so helpful and nice, makes every visit so much better.

Amanda D.

I have always prided myself with being “the big girl” in my different groups! But in 2017 everything changed. I lost friends to obesity, my mother diabetes became unmanageable and my personal physical pain became unbearable. After receiving my referral to see Dr. Malladi my life began to change for the better. Working with the amazing staff in her office is a joy. Everyone is supportive of the patients living their best life. Dr. Malladi offers a straight forward, truthful perspective on various weight loss procedures that are offered and going through the weight loss program solidfied my need and want to live my best life.

Brandi R.

I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. I’ve been up and down but mostly up. I tried every diet you can imagine, but I always reverted back to old habits. After much consideration, several consults, and hiring a trainer I decided to VSG was right for me! I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Malladi and her staff are excellent. She’s attentive, caring, and committed to helping her patients achieve their goals. Although this is only the beginning, I know my life has changed forever. I can’t be more excited about my future. Thank you Dr. Malladi for giving me back my life!!

Jillian J

I considered Bariatric Surgery for years but was always too afraid to make the first step. Calling Dr. Malladi’s office was the best thing I could have ever done and I wish I had done it 5 years ago. From the first phone call, I was met with a courteous staff and professionalism. Every member of her team is knowledgeable and friendly. Prior to surgery, I had uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension. I took about 5 pills every morning and at least 5 shots a day of insulin. After surgery, I walked out of the hospital taking only one weekly shot for diabetes and only 2 pills for my blood pressure. I was a smoker and she even referred me to a pulmonary doctor to help with cessation. Now I’m a month post op down 22 pounds and down a size in clothes. I feel amazing. My recovery time was minimal and her staff was there to answer all of my questions. I would recommend this Gastric Sleeve surgery to anyone who is struggling with weight loss and definitely Dr. Malladi as their surgeon.

Stacey S.

Professional staff. Great bedside manner. Surgery Facility handled me well.


The staff was very helpful and nice. The staff at the facility were also excellent. I do not have any complaints. I only have a few questions about my scars that will be answered today. I definitely recommend this office due to excellent customer service. I appreciate the call they give once your procedure has been done before the follow up appointment.


This time weight has slowed down but I’ve noticed I’ve lost inches. Am not giving up, am so ready for a lot more weight loss. This has changed my life.

Angela H

Dr. Malladi and Bariatric Surgery has changed my life. I have lost 60+ pounds in the first year and have more energy and stamina than I have had in the last 10 years. Dr. Malladi is thorough, compassionate, and highly qualified. I would recommend her to my friends and family. The highest compliment i could offer. Dr. Malladi is simply the tops in her field of bariatrics.

Dan Eddy

In July of 2017 I had the gastric sleeve done and it has truly changed my life for the better. Dr. Malladi and her staff have been so amazing and easy to work with! They go above and beyond to help you and encourage you every step of the way. While I was in the hospital after my surgery, Dr. Malladi called me at least once a day to check on me and came by my room often. She is extremely thorough and I could not have asked for any better care. I will forever be grateful for her and all she has done for me!

Baylei W.

It is very rare to find a doctor who cares for their patients as much as Dr. Malladi. Her knowledge and patience helped me learn about not only my procedure but how things would be afterward. The process is not easy, but I feel confident that Dr. Malladi will be there every step of the way.

Stephanie Cumby

This has been absolutely the best life changing decision. I have my life back and this is just the beginning. I have so much energy and am not restricted by pain, fatigue, or lack of confidence. I feel beautiful again and my kids say mama “you slay”. I love this feeling and I don’t want it to ever go away. I love me again.

Christi M.

I have been very pleased with my experience with Dr. Malladi and her staff. It has been 7 months and am down 65 pounds. I feel like the classes and consultation provided before surgery were a component to my success. I knew exactly what to expect after surgery (the good and the bad). Dr. Malladi and her staff are always friendly and accommodating. I have never had to wait. Thank you, Sharon.

Sharon W.

This has been absolutely the best life changing decision. I have my life back and this is just the beginning. I have so much energy and am not restricted by pain, fatigue, or lack of confidence. I feel beautiful again and my kids say mama “you slay”. I love this feeling and I dont want it to ever go away. I love me again.

Christi M

My experience with Dr. Malladi, and by extension her team, has been great! She is a true professional and has made my weight loss journey smooth. The education and support that they have provided has been the key to my success in losing the weight.

Ashleigh M.

I had a wonderful positive experience with the process. I knew what to expect every step of the way. Communication was excellent. I would refer Dr. Malladi and her staff to anyone interested in the process.


Great doctor’s office, superb staff. Dr. Malladi has excellent bed side manners. She is very humble and always willing to help. The staff is kind and very attentive.


This journey has been nothing less than a blessing. Dr. Malladi has given me my health and life back! I am forever grateful for the entire staff. Her knowledge of her job is phenomenal. I never felt like a number, but always felt like I was her main priority. If I had any concerns during the entire program pre/post the staff always responded promptly. This is a decision that I will never regret. This lifestyle change is just the beginning of greatness for me and my children. We all strive to be healthier.

Christy G.

I am very happy so far after my surgery. So far, I have lost a little over 36 pounds. I have more energy than before and I have lost two dress sizes.


I was very skeptical about weight loss surgery. I was referred by Dr. Vemula. The process was very intense. I am very happy with my ongoing results. The staff and Dr. Malladi are very supportive and knowledgeable. I’m still dropping weight and seeing the results on the diet plan. I’m very grateful. My health is improving and my energy is coming back.

G. Lopez

My VSG experience was beyond smooth and easy. Dr. Malladi got me through the process with ease. I am so happy with my decision to take this step for my health. I look forward to being that encouraging influence on others who are trying to decide on the surgery for themselves.


Had my surgery November 28, 2016 before and after visits are always a pleasure. When I call the office during visits with questions I always get answers. Everybody is very nice and very professional.

Erika W.

Awesome Team. Start to finish. I have had an awesome experience across the board, from the educational side all the way through the surgery and afterwards. Completely satisfied. I look and feel great.

Ladeidra F.

This entire process has been a wonderful experience. Dr. Malladi and her staff have been so helpful throughout this entire process. If I call they were right there to answer all my questions. I am officially 51 pounds down in three months after my surgery. I am excited with my progress. I am glad I finally took this step for myself and happy I picked the right doctor and staff. They are seriously amazing!!

Keisha B.

My whole life has changed since I had my gastric bypass on 8/1/2016. My body and spirit are lighting up. My weight loss continues. I have been able to walk and swim longer. I am so proud to encourage others. I am in a relationship with a man that made amends to me from my past. I no longer need help driving or getting up and down. I feel beautiful inside and out. I continue to eat right and exercise. My blood pressure is getting lower and my lisinopril strength has decreased.

Monica M.

Staff is very nice, they are always happy to answer any question I have. Dr. Malladi listens to me and helps me with her answers to my problems.


It has been a pleasant experience every step of the way. The only exception was a delay when my employer requested docs regarding the procedure. Other than this I am very satisfied with the quality of care that was provided to me.

Fernando M.

Weight loss surgery has changed my life. I have more energy than ever. My area of improvement is to work out more.

Yolanda J.

Initially, I thought, what have I done to myself. However now that am a month in and have already seen tremendous results, I am so pleased with the outcome and look forward to future results. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon than Dr. Malladi. She truly is interested in your health and wants you to succeed. Although she is very firm at times, you know it’s coming from a place of caring. I am so pleased with my bariatric procedure so far.


All associates are kind and knowledgeable. Dr. Malladi listens to what the patient has to say and answers questions and concerns. I am pleased with the outcome of my gastric sleeve procedure. I am looking forward to losing all my excess weight and hope to look normal for once. It sure has been a long time. My blood pressure was the first thing that really showed improvement the diastolic dropped almost 30 points.

Shaun B.

Doctor Malladi helped me save my life. I waited for 3 years before I asked my PCP to submit a referral for a consultation for this surgery. I knew it would be a somewhat long process but I prayed and asked the lord to give me the strength and patience to travel down the upcoming road. Dr. Malladi is a GOD- send from above and I am so grateful to be one of the many who have gone down the Malladi Freeway. Thanks Dr. Malladi and may the lord continue to bless you.

Diana D.

Since meeting Dr. Malladi, she has always eased my fears and is very caring. She has great bedside manners. Excellent staff. I have lots of friends and others who may need recommendation.


I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. I not only had a bypass surgery, but I also had a hiatal hernia repair. I am happy to say that my pain was very minimal and the healing process has been going great. Dr. Malladi came highly recommended as a Bariatric doctor and am glad I listened and followed through with her.

Jokatherine G.

I must say the surgery went well. I am very excited to see my life changing results. Dr. Malladi is the most caring doctor I’ve ever met. She has that patient doctor connection. She made visits after the surgery. I had to stay 2 extra days because of severe pain. She called me on the phone to check on me and the nurses always came to my room saying Dr. Malladi called and she gave medicines to make sure I was comfortable and most of all she wouldn’t release me until everything was good. She is such a good caring and loving doctor who I will refer to all my friends.

Janice N.

Since the surgery my life style has changed. My eating habits are not the same. I see the weight loss when I put on my clothes. I feel better but I still get sick of the stomach. I must admit that this is a process but I am determined to go all the way.


Dr. Malladi is a wonderful surgeon. I came into the office weighing 240 pounds, I am now 180. It’s been 6 months since my surgery and I do not regret having it done. It’s not an easy journey but well worth the trip. I like that she keeps in touch and the support group is wonderful, it has helped me to stay on track. I would recommend this surgery to anyone who needs to lose weight due to medical problems.23

Jacqueline P.

I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Malladi. From my initial consultation to surgery, she provided excellent care. I would recommend Dr. Malladi to anyone considering bariatric surgery.


My experience with Dr. Malladi and her staff has been wonderful since day one. I always get treated with respect and her staff is always helpful. I have been seeing Dr. Malladi for over a year now and each time I visit she always answers all my questions and I leave feeling confident about myself and my progress.


I have struggled with my weight all my life. When I was 25 I was diagnosed with DJD and Osteoarthritis. I was told weight loss would help. I did all the normal diet stuff, Atkins, weight watchers, calorie counting, you name it I did it! It would work some but then I would gain it all back. I was having a lot of depression and guilt as a mother because I could not play with my kids without getting short of breath, fatigue, or worst of all hurting. In March of 2014 I hit my all-time highest weight of 268 pounds and my arthritis pain was out of control. I decided to have a consult with Dr. Malladi to find out my options. From the first time, I met her and her staff I felt welcomed and not like an outcast. She was so easy to talk too. She didn’t make me feel like it was my fault. I was impressed with the complete workup she had me undergo prior to my Roux-En-Y gastric bypass. On the morning of my surgery I weighed 248 pounds (yes, I had lost 20 pounds making the habit adjustments needed for after my surgery). The surgery recovery was tough but with the support of my family, friends, and Dr. Malladi I made it through. Today 1 year and 8 months later I am down to 138 pounds. I feel great. I have a ton of energy and best of all I can run, yes, I said run, and play with my kids. I even coach my daughter’s softball team! I am so grateful for finding Dr. Malladi and her staff and them helping me have an improved quality of life! I look forward to continuing my relationship with her for many years to come.

Janna D.

My experience has been wonderful. My weight loss has been a success. I have even referred other co-workers. I have not one complain.


I feel much better. I have more mobility and feel much healthier. I kind of feel like a new person. I look forward to getting on the scale now. This has been a great opportunity to live a longer life for my kids and grandkids.

Lisa R.

I have tried every diet out there and nothing seem to work for me. I had a gastric sleeve 3 months ago and I have lost 41 pounds.


The staff at Dr. Malladi’s office is superb. All the pre-op classes went very smoothly and were very helpful. The hospital stay was short and well handled. The doctor made sure that the surgery went flawless. Overall my experience with the bariatric surgery was great thanks to Dr. Malladi and her staff.


It changed my life. Am so glad I had the surgery.

Anna M.

My experience has been outstanding. Dr. Malladi and her staff have answered all my questions and have been very supportive since my surgery was completed 2 years ago.

Monty A.

I have never felt so great. Since my surgery my weight has steadily gone down 81 pounds total and I feel so confident and proud of myself. Physically and mentally I feel very good. About myself. I have had so many compliments and people don’t believe that I am almost 70 years old. I can walk fast, exercise regularly, and eat very moderately but healthy. Thank you Dr. Malladi for your great work and encouragement. I hope more people will do what I have done and feel good about themselves.


Before I had surgery, I was dealing with health problems like high blood pressure, acid reflux, and snoring which was bad and embarrassing but not more than my extra weight. After my surgery, I feel a lot more confident about myself, happier, and healthier. I appreciate Dr. Malladi and her staff for being so attentive and caring. They made my transition easier than I thought it would be. I will be recommending her services to anyone who needs it. Thank you Dr. Malladi for making my life better!!!


Last spring Dr. Malladi saved my life. After doing surgery most of the night and frequent checks, I began improving. Anytime I had a concern Dr. Malladi saw me immediately or called to answer my questions. My family and I have been extremely pleased with the wonderful care I have received.


Dr. Malladi is the best. Her concern for my well-being from the very beginning was a great comfort. Her skill level is impressive. She is so much more than a Doctor/Surgeon, simply put she is the very best of the best.

James R.

I had my sleeve surgery on November 23, 2015, before surgery my weight was 269. I had back and leg pain and it was very hard to walk more than 60 ft. I would also be out of breath and was on oxygen. I was stage-4 kidney, diabetic with heart, high blood pressure, as of March 2016 I have lost more than 60 lbs., my kidneys are better Stage 3, diabetic insulin cut in half. I don’t need oxygen, I am able to walk about a mile now with a couple of breaks, no more back and leg pain. I love what Dr. Malladi has done for me, I wish I would have done it years ago. My recovery was fast and easy. Thank you Dr. Malladi and your staff. I would highly recommend Malladi Bariatrics.

Cheryl G.

Dr. Malladi is very kind, has a great bedside manner, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to a lot of people. The staff is very kind and concerning about all of us, not just as a client, but as a person.


From day 1, I have had only positive things to say about Dr. Malladi & her staff. She is very caring about her patients (me for sure). Please just keep up the good work.


From my surgery day to discharge, Dr. Malladi has been my perfection!!! I came home with minimal pain, the most beautiful incisions, and a new lease on life! I have not had one single issue post operatively. Dr. Malladi changed my life! I am forever in debt with her! My highest weight was 350 plus pounds. My surgery weight was 330 pounds. At only 10 weeks out I am down to 262. I went from a 4x/Size 24/26 to a XL/Size 19 in Juniors. I have no regrets. Every bad habit I had was left in the operating room! Dr. Malladi changed my entire life!!!

Nacole H.

I feel very good all the time.

Gary C.

Everything is going good. I am enjoying my life. I can walk and breath better. I will not change it for the world.


Dr. Malladi is a wonderful surgeon. She took a chance on me when others would not even talk to me. I was not the “usual” patient. My BMI was not high enough, but not far off. I am a severe diabetic. It has been one year and I have had no problems at all. It has been the best decision I have made.


I have had a wonderful experience. Everything went well and still is. I feel good. I can move better. I feel better about myself and have confidence that I will be able to continue living and eating healthy. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Nichelle P.

Dr. Malladi and her staff have been excellent. I am so glad that out of all the bariatric doctors, my PCP referred me to her for this surgery. I have lost a lot of weight after my surgery. Dr. Malladi is very patient and very concerned about my needs and well-being. I went from a 3XL to an XL in less than a month. I am grateful for the decision we made to go with the Gastric Bypass. My life will never be the same.

Teracer S.

The gastric sleeve is the best thing to ever happen to me. My HgA1C is down. I am completely off Diabetes and High Cholesterol medications. The only pitfalls are the constant constipations and stomach noises. I am very happy that I chose Dr. Malladi to perform my surgery.


First of all, I would like to say Dr. Malladi and her staff are the best. I would like to thank you guys a lot. My highest weight was 345 lbs. I have been on the fence for 3 years thinking about having the gastric sleeve done. As the years went on I wasn’t losing my weight, my blood pressure was rising, and my back and knees were killing me. I started this with Dr. Kim and I still wasn’t comfortable having the surgery. I came to see Dr. Malladi and this story became history. My back doesn’t hurt, my blood pressure is down, and my knees stopped hurting. Due to my weight lost my snoring has stopped and am able to sleep in the same bed as my wife again.

Derrick J.

I am a new person. I couldn’t walk or do anything around the house. My daughter had to help me but now I do everything by myself. I have lost so much weight. I can’t believe its me. Dr. Malladi has changed my life. Am back to normal. I am so happy. Am excited about losing more and more weight. I am very happy!!

Marisa Cazares

My experience with Dr. Malladi and her staff was/is STELLAR! Dr. Malladi shows compassion for her craft. Her professionalism and experience put me at great ease for having my procedure. I would recommend Dr. Malladi strongly to anyone who needs/wants bariatric treatment.

Beverly B.

The doctor is smart the nurses are cool, Hey this is the best thing I have ever done. Dr. Malladi and her staff it don’t get no better than them. They Kool YEA BABY!!!

Michael A.

Dr. Malladi has made this life change a positive experience for me. Her compassion towards me as her patient has been motivating. I’m looking forward to embarking on my new life. Her professionalism is strictly of the highest quality of care. Thank you Dr. Malladi for embarking on this journey with me.


When it comes to professionalism, Dr. Malladi and her team are at the top!! Every visit, telephone call, verification process, pre­op communications, surgery, and after surgery consultation, has been pure pleasure dealing with these folks. Dr. Malladi and her staff have set the bar so high, other groups could only hope and pray they even come close to them.

Thomas R.

I so love Dr. Malladi!!!! She helped change my life in so many ways(family, self esteem, romance,etc). Words cannot say enough about how she not only personalized each list. She spoke the truth to me and did not treat me like a “charge” but honestly letting me know the best route to take medically and for that I praise God for her!! I have not ever had a more pleasant medical experience with a provider.

Gwen S.

I was blessed to be introduced to the best doctor and nurse to do my Gastric Bypass Surgery. It was an awesome surgery. I like the care, service, and the appreciation that I receive from Dr. Malladi and her staff.


This has totally changed my life. I have lost over 150lbs, and I am smaller than I was in high school. I have more self confidence than I have ever had. I am able to do activities with my kids that I hadn’t been able to in years. I would definetely recommend this procedure to anyone who was struggling with the same issues as I was. I can not thank Dr. Malladi enough. She gave me my life back!

David Cleveland

Dr. Malladi, I am very pleased with my surgery.

D. Hunt

Dr. Malladi and her staff have been extremely helpful and professional throughout this surgical process. Being that I was so over weight in April of 2014 when I was first seen here due to my blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes: as well as chronic heart arythmia. Due to my hips and knees (all four) needing to be replaced and the pain when walking, i am stalemated with my weight loss. I have not been able to exercise all and still weigh 305 lbs. I feel this is totally due to me being so sedimentary. I am scheduled to have my first hip replacement in October and then rehab. It will allow me to get up and begin to do so much more than i am currently doing. I am very satisfied with Dr. Malladi, her staff, the hospital, and the surgery. I am looking forward to being able to do so much more within the next few months.

Gary W.

My surgery was on November 17, 2014. I was a Lap Band Removal to Bypass patient and fairly large hiatal hernia. I had put this surgery off for years because I was afraid of the outcome. The people who’d had the surgery that I know are still overweight. Dr. Malladi was the physician recommended by my primary care doctor. She told me that she was literally one of the smartest women she had ever met and that she would be caring and thorough. Thus began my journey. Dr. Malladi was very nice and thorough. She was never pushy or condescending. She lays out a plan that gives you and her as much information as possible to make informed choices and know where you really are from a health standpoint. The surgery itself was a bit difficult for me, but Dr. Malladi and her staff were very supportive, answered all my phone calls and questions, even on weekends!! I never felt like I was just a number or cut off. I think that made all of the difference in the world. My overall experience has been fantastic, and Dr. Malladi has continued to be very very thorough and caring.

Kiesha V.

It was a great experience, and I would recommend this surgery to everyone who has type II Diabetes. It forces you to eat less at mealtimes thus controlling your sugar intake. It also helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Malladi is the best in her field. She spotted a hiatal hernia during my sleeve surgery and removed it. I had suffered over a year with it’s side effects. I have no more reflux and don’t cough up morning mucus anymore.


The staff is very helpful in answering my questions. I get thorough answers and they make sure to follow up with me. They are always happy to see me and remember each visit.


I had the gastric bypass in November of 2013. As of July 2015, I am no longer diabetic. I was able to stop all medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was able to obtain and maintain my weight goals for the first time in my life.

Robert Williamson

I have been greatly satisfied with my care and service from Dr. Malladi’s and her staff. I appreciate all the knowledge that was given to me before and after my procedure.


She is very professional and extremely thorough with her approach to providing surgical weight loss solutions. I found her to be one of the best physicians alive ever. I felt like I was in the very best hands. She took every possible step to ensure great results. Her pre-surgical requirements are for her patients best interest. I would recommend her to anyone. I know for a fact she has now helped add years if not decades of a better quality of life for me. I feel like I’m going to turn back the clock all the way back to highschool.

Linda S.

I am so glad that I had the surgery. Now I can sit in chairs comfortable and my health is better.I can do things I like to do instead of being limied. I can bend over and touh my toes. I don’t snore as much as I used to. My eating habits have changed. I don’t get to eat as much, and I watch what I eat.

Derwin MC

My surgery was the best thing to happen to me in my adult life. Now I have more energy. I feel like I am glowing when I wake up each day. Dr. Malladi was and still is a God sent Angel for me and my life. Even my family gives praises about my life now. Truthfully, I can say and mean every bit of it, ” I thank you Dr. Malladi and her staff members.”

Lavada F

Dr. Malladi has always provided a level of care during my appointments that exceeded my expectations. She has never made me feel bad for seeking WLS to improve my health. I think some delay in seeking out was fear of judgement. That was never the case. The staff has always been helpful even when I was a pest or asked silly questions. My health has improved greatly and I anticipate it will continue to do so. While I have yet to reach my ultimate goal, I know I now have a powerful tool to help me get ther. No regrets other than waiting so long.

Tammie G.

Surgery went very well. I am very pleased with the care I have received from Dr. Malladi and the staff. Kudos to Daphne for being really patient and helpful, as well as to Miriam. I have recommended Dr. Malladi and her staff to several friends.

Tara Harris

This was the best decision for me. It changed my life. Some of my health issues don’t exist anymore. Dr. Malladi was a great doctor. She really cares about you. Her follow up care was amazing. She kept me up on my toes. I will recommend her to others 100%. My goal is not where I want it but its so much better. I am happy I did it. It was a great fit for me.

Marcella W.

This has been the most awesome experience I’ve had with this procedure, with Dr. Malladi, and the office. Although, I had to have a hernia repaired at the time of my sleeve surgery and recuperation was slow, I was however impressed with the excellent care and meticulous attention Dr. Malladi gave me. I’ve never felt being in such great hands. Everyone at my church knows about my doctor and my great care.

Janice Sawyer

I had some trouble getting my surgery info (date, time, instructions) … As far as the hospital & actual surgery experience, everyone was very informative, helpful & professional. Everything was well explained to me and I felt very comfortable with the surgery.


I don’t see where you need to change anything, because the care I received was excellent and I feel a lot better in my body. Dr. Malladi is Fabulous!!!!

Derwin McKellum

I am always a bit nervous when facing surgery until Dr. Malladi come in the room. My experience this time was the same as always EXCELLENT care before and after from Dr. Malladi and the hospital staff. I would say as far as the hospital if the patient is having surgery within a certain time frame, don’t have them come in so early. I arrived at 11:17AM and didn’t start the process until a little after 4PM. The staff made sure I was comfortable during that time.


I came in and had doubts about the procedure after talking and learning about the procedure I was more comfortable with what was going to happen. The staff was polite and courteous and explained everything so I could understand it. After the procedure I was given more counseling and any questions I had were given to me directly.

Anthony T.

Since the first time I stepped into the office it has been such a pleasure to be taken care of by all the professionalism this office has to offer. I thank you all for all the help throughout my process so far and I look forward for the future. Everyone is respectful and goes beyond themselves

Christy B.

I love everything about the surgery and the people that helped me get through this. They was very up an very friendly, and it was just a wonderful experience I will tell my friends and family all about Dr. Mallladi. She is a very good doctor, and I just love her and her staff.

Kathy Carter

My experience has been far better than expected. The pain from surgery was very short lived, I didn’t experience any nausea or vomiting that I was told could happen. I couldn’t be happier.

Phillip K

Dr. Malladi and staff were great! Both professional and caring always helpful and friendly. I would recommend them to others.


The surgery went great, the only issue was that the schedule was changed, and I was moved up to an earlier slot and not been notified


I have been very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Malladi. While a patient at Methodist Dallas Hospital Dr. Malladi promptly saw me upon her arrival in the ER and took me to surgery later that afternoon. My family was kept informed during the whole process as I improved. Dr Malladi checked on me often and called me directly to visit about my progress. I have been very impressed by her level of communication, care and concern. I would recommend Dr. Malladi to anyone for her level of care and medical skill.


Even though I had a lot of gas pain, it was much less pain than I expected. Recovery has been much easier than I expected.


I am pleased about the way the process went. I was not sure at first if I could go through with the surgery, but I am glad I did. I think everything was done in a professional manner. I don’t have any regrets. It just seems like the weight loss is very, very slow but I am determined to stay focused.

Sharon C.

I was in a lot of pain before my surgery, I had a hernia, Dr. Malladi did the surgery, I have had two previous surgeons. Dr. Malladi cares a lot about her patients, she is very compassionate and she speaks in terms that you can understand.


I am beyond pleased with the professionalism of Dr. Malladi and her staff. Everyone has been efficient, patient and kind. Dr. Malladi took extra time to sit with me and explain all of my options. I never felt rushed when I was with her. That is how I know she really cares about her patients.


Dr. Malladi has been a great doctor since day one. This surgery saved my life, I am now able to keep up with my eight year old daughter. I am no longer on diabetic medication or blood pressure medicine. I am still taking it day by day I just wish I would have done it sooner. Thank You Dr. Malladi you are Awesome!!!

Cynthia O.

My experience has been simply amazing! Dr. Malladi and her staff are exceptional. From the beginning my co workers have been in awe of my success and so ampt! I was a little disappointed that I was not having my surgery at Victory Medical Center but the staff at Forest Park are fantastic. I was treated with such care and kindness from everyone there. I am grateful and thankful for this new opportunity that I’ve been given and I owe it all to everyone that has made my journey this amazing.


I have been very pleased with Dr. Malladi and her team, they are very caring and attentive with my procedure. I am very pleased with my surgery and the outcome, I have been able to control my diabetes with diet and exercise I feel great and I am very happy. Dr. Malladi is the best.


Dr. Malladi has been extremely professional and compassionate to me and my wife’s needs, as a patient and their spouse. Any and all information has been accessible but has been provided with complete and total understanding. My needs of a bypass were explained as well as the possibility that I may wind up with a sleeve (which I did) instead. There was also the fact that she found a small carcinoid tumor in the upper intestine while doing some of the pre op scans that I didn’t know I had. She has and continues to be doing all and more than I expected as my bariatric surgeon.

Gary W.

My experience with Dr. Malladi and her staff has been nothing but professional and caring. I recommend anyone considering weight loss surgery to Dr. Malladi. I appreciated her for taking good care and interest in me and my weight gain problem, I’ve had a very good recovery rate and weight loss. Thank you Dr. Malladi and your entire staff for giving me back my will to wanting to consider my health first.

Erma Tucker

I like that Dr. Malladi has such a nice bedside manner and that she made it a point to contact me in my room. However I was expecting to see her physically but the phone call reassured me that my healing was her priority. I was expecting to be in tons of pain and have horrible scarring but after a week I feel just like new.


Dr. Malladi and her staff are wonderful. I feel so much better since my procedure, I am still losing weight and my blood pressure is down. I feel blessed to have found such a great, empathizing, and sweet doctor and staff.

Brandy P.

Dr. Malladi and her staff are great people. I am glad I made the choice to make a new lifestyle change. I am glad Dr. Malladi has patience, she is very kind hearted. I would refer her at any given time, because she is the best surgeon ever.


I had a very positive experience with my bariatric surgery, I have lost about 80 lbs., I no longer take heart medicine, have sleep apnea all because of this surgery, it changed my life, I weight about the same as I did when I was in my twenties, I am glad I had the surgery.

Charles A.

The process was as described, I didn’t have any surprises, if you follow the doctors instructions you will be moving around and returning to work quickly. You will see results the first week, your blood pressure and blood sugar will begin to decline. I am on my way to a healthier me :).

Detra Reeves

Dr. Malladi is one of the most gracious doctor’s that I’ve had the opportunity to encounter, from the first visit through surgery and during the follow up she appeared to show a genuine concern about my well being. Hats off to her staff as well, they are all kind and professional.

Sherletrice J.

Since the day I met Dr. Malladi she has been so nice and very professional. I can’t remember a doctor that I’ve had that has been so personable and so attentive! She makes me feel “Special”, it has been one week since my surgery and I feel “Great” absolutely no problems my total experience with Dr. Malladi had been phenomenal! and I told my family she should change her name to “PRETTY” instead of “PREETI 🙂 not only is she the best doctor she is also very pretty.

Karla G.

Dr. Malladi is a very good doctor, she did my gastric sleeve and also my gallbladder removal. Dr. Malladi is very hands on and when she couldn’t come see me in the hospital she called me to check up on me. At my follow up appointments she addresses your concerns and request tests if needed. I would recommend Dr. Malladi to my friends and family.


I have had the best care possible Dr. Malladi not only is she the best doctor in the world, she is caring and compassionate, I would recommend her and have. Everyone in her office is filled with kindness and caring I would expect no less from Dr. Malladi, after knowing her for almost 4 years and her staff I would go nowhere else. Dr. M. is a great human being I will always be grateful to her for saving my life. Dec 16, 2013. You and your staff are the best, God bless keep on helping people to live better and have healthier lives.

Helen Garfias

Positive- Love the classes and Jan & Misty were awesome! The program is very thorough with exams and tests, now I understand why. I found out I also had a hernia in the process. Dr. Malladi is a great surgeon and I love her people skills, she is very calm, polite, and willing to answer any of your questions. I would recommend her program. I look forward to my weight loss journey and change of life. Cons- she needs to add a financial person to explain the cost between the two facilities and the paperwork was late.


I love Dr. Malladi she is a life saver, I started at 243 lbs. and now I am down to 208 lbs. and still losing. I am so thankful for her. She is so good, I just thank her so much. God Bless you.

Betty W.

I met Dr. Malladi in October 2013, I was referred to Dr. Malladi for bariatric surgery due to high risk health issues I decided not have weight loss surgery. Dr. Malladi performed a hiatal fundoplication, gallbladder surgery on me, since I’ve met Dr. Malladi I have lost 50 lbs. coming to my appointments to see Dr. Malladi made me accountable for my bad eating habits even though I didn’t have weight loss surgery I am glad I met Dr. Malladi and staff because they have truly changed my life.


I think Dr. Malladi is the best doctor I have had in the last 3 years, my children think a lot of her in doing my hiatal hernia and my bypass surgery. I came off 3 medicine and I feel so good about myself


I’ve had a very positive experience with Dr. Malladi, and her whole staff have been very kind and compassionate.

Lynne M.

One of the best decision I ever made.

Latricia N.

Dr. Malladi is very caring, respectful, loving and professional. She is a doctor a lot of doctors should be like. I would refer anyone to her who may require bariatric surgery like me. She is very beautiful and compassionate doctor.


Dr. Malladi has been a great doctor for me, she is very knowledgeable and she makes sure that your are aware of her concerns based on your labs. She called me while I was in the hospital after surgery to make sure I was on top of things, what I should be doing and she was very serious when it came to my medical needs. As my referring doctor and another patient said ” She don’t play”. I have been so grateful and pleased with her service. My primary doctor referred me to Dr. Malladi because she said she has no problem with saying NO, My last day in the hospital there was a few issues with a new nurse at Methodist, Dr. Malladi was able to get everything in order diligently and effectively for my settlement and the nurse then became more helpful. I would recommend Dr. Malladi to anyone she is great.


I just had my surgery a week ago, I researched bariatric surgeons for months before picking Dr. Malladi. She has attended to my every need. She is conservative, cautious, methodical… all great qualities in a surgeon. I would recommend her and her office to anyone I know.

Carol C.

I am so blessed to have Dr. Malladi in my life. She was very informative and caring as well. I am reminded of the day that I had surgery, Dr. Malladi kept my family informed as to why the procedure was taking longer than scheduled. So glad to have her in my life.


I can exercise without getting tired, I run everyday before I lost the weight it was very hard for me to run. I feel so much better over all. Dr. Malladi has done a wonderful job and I am very pleased with her work. I have recommended several people to see her. Thanks for such a wonderful job well done.

S. F.

When I first met Dr. Malladi I thought she had a wonderful bedside manner. She took the time to evaluate my previous health conditions before deciding what my treatment options would be, I was surprised that she was as concerned about the risks as I was, but she assured me that my safety was most important. I enjoyed the prerequisite classes because they let me know what to look forward to. I would recommend Dr., Malladi to anyone who has questions before receiving the surgery.

Tangela W.

The surgery was easy and Dr. Malladi was there to answer any questions or concerns. I’ve done pretty well so far. The holidays were hard but I was confident through them. I know that if I continue as directed I will continue to lose. I feel better and have no shortness of breath. Because of arthritis concerns my walking exercise has not progressed quite quickly as I would like, however I am working to increase as weather, arthritis allow. I am very pleased over all.

Ann N.

I was scared to have this procedure done at first but after talking with my doctor and Dr. Malladi I was confident that this is what I needed and since my surgery I have lost 91 pounds.


No health problems except arthritis and needing bilateral knee replacement.

Bridgitte MC

Blood sugar working progress, way better than what it was before surgery. I am feeling better. Dr. Malladi’s bedside manner was great, I appreciate your concern calling me after surgery to see how I ‘m doing. Nurses were great, discharge paper work was understandable. Thank You so much.

Sandra S.

Love that I made the decision to have this surgery, I feel so much better I have a lot more energy, hope to lose 20 more pounds.


I am very happy with Dr. Malladi and her staff for helping me with my journey of weight loss. From day 1 I felt Dr. Malladi was the doctor for me. She is very kind and takes time to listen and explain things. Thank You Dr. Malladi. 🙂


Dr. Malladi saved me and helped on the road to the person I used to be. She is very professional encouraging and makes you feel like you matter. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to have this surgery done.

Cathy C.

Dr. Malladi is a wonderful doctor. She called everyday I was in the hospital to make sure everything was okay. She made sure I was comfortable and not in pain.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to Dr. Malladi and her awesome staff. Not only am I losing weight, I feel 100% better. Dr. Malladi is a very patient and understanding doctor. She is very thorough in all weight loss and management. I would recommend her and her team to anyone. Thank You for helping me love myself again.

Ladonna H.

After the surgery I can now wear clothes I haven’t worn in 8 years, I can walk a mile a day now.

Beverly B.

My process was good before surgery, after surgery was a little rough but Dr. Malladi and her staff are amazing and the staff at Methodist was great, I am down 50 pounds from 378 to 328 it’s great I would recommend this and Dr. Malladi.

Sherry J.

Dr. Malladi is the best! She was so instrumental in my weight loss and maintaining over last two years. She has so much compassion for her patients. My journey has been excellent. The key is to be honest with your doctor and follow the program. So thankful I found Dr. Malladi.

Debbie P

Dr. Malladi was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. She gave me all information I needed. She explained the whole procedure from pre-op to post-op. As for my procedure I didn’t have any complications, I didn’t have a lot of soreness I would recommend her to everyone.

Willie C.

Very professional with TLC available for questions and concerns post-op, I would highly recommend Dr. Malladi. Care is outstanding if she can’t get to you in the hospital she calls you on the telephone to show you that you have not been forgotten. Dallas Methodist Hospital Staff Excellent.


I totally recommend Dr. Malladi. I have referred her to many people even my aunt has undergone surgery since I referred her. Dr. Malladi is proactive and she cares about her patients which is a plus. Her office and staff are very nice as well. I have had nothing but positive experience with Dr. Malladi and I will continue to refer her to anybody willing to get the procedure. Thank You Dr. Malladi for helping me change my life.

Shatarel W.

Dr. Malladi is one of the most kind spirited doctors I know. Even when I hit walls during my weight loss journey she continues to inspire me to keep fighting to reach my goal.


From my first meeting with Dr. Malladi I knew I had made the right choice. She is very informed about my procedure, very friendly and most of all she took her time with me to discuss all of my medical history and which procedure would be best and more beneficial for me giving all of my medical problems. I am happy about my new life and will recommend her to others. Also the hospital staff was excellent as well.


I highly recommend Dr. Malladi and her staff, they are extremely knowledgeable and caring. This is my second surgery with Dr. Malladi. I had my gallbladder removed in the spring of 2014 and double hernia repair in January 2015. In both cases Dr. Malladi informed me of my options and made me part of the decision process. I felt informed and confident of the surgical outcome both before and after the surgery. Dr. Malladi holds herself to the highest standards of practice and expects and receives the same level of professionalism and compassion from her staff.

William I

Dr. Malladi and her staff made me feel comfortable and educated me in a way that removed any fear I had about the surgery. She is caring and ensured that I remained healthy throughout my weight loss journey.

Stephanie R.

The surgery has helped me a lot. I feel better about myself, I have more energy, I don’t feel depressed anymore. It was the best thing that I ever did for myself. Thank You Dr. Malladi

Crystal L.

I recommend Dr. Malladi and staff for bariatric surgery. My experience was a cure for my health. I feel better and have a lot of energy. Thank You Dr. Malladi.


Dr. Malladi is a wonderful doctor who passionately cares for her patients. She is smart insightful and caring. She is also very skilled as a surgeon.


I love the new me and think that it was the best thing to do for my health and for me. Dr. Malladi is a great doctor and person, she is very kind, nice and understanding to the patients need. I have not had any problems or gained any weight back since my surgery, so far I have loss 43 pounds.

Lavonia R.

I like the surgery cause I have loss some weight.

Toya H.

Dr. Malladi has great bedside manner. After initial appointment I felt at ease with her knowledge of her field. She gave explanations that were understandable and professional. She also gave of her time and made me feel like a person and not a number, she gave sound medical advice. Her staff is friendly and again they made you feel like a person and not just another insurance claim. No problem with the surgery before, during or after.

Lydia W.

Having WLS has totally changed my life, I am a busy mom to 5 boys and was unable to keep up with them before I met Dr. Malladi. Now I am only 6 1/2 months in and I am already able to run after my kids. Dr. Malladi has given me a great tool to further my success in my WL journey. Thank You Dr. Malladi.

Christie Luhring

I couldn’t have asked for better care from Dr. Malladi. My family was so impressed with her, her attentive to detail with me (patient) and them after surgery. I really couldn’t say enough. I did not expect to have this issue with the lapband but I would recommend Dr. Malladi to anyone wanting surgery and best of care. Never a question unanswered, she covered it all before surgery, hospital, and home care.


When I first came to this office I could barely breathe and walk, I was struggling so much. Dr. Malladi was my last hope. She even helped me find my new cardiologist that was able to do my heart surgery. We worked on this together for almost 9 months to get to having my gastric sleeve and then, on 5/8/14, I lost enough weight to have my heart surgery. I do feel that if it wasn’t for Dr. Malladi, I would not be here and my 6 children would be without their mom. I have so much to say, that I can not write it all down. She was my last hope and my savior. Thank you so much! I am alive now.

Geneva D.

Dr. Malladi is terrific doctor. After years of failed weight loss she has finally changed that. Dr. Malladi and her staff have been very informative and nice through the entire process. She laid out different options for me and helped me decide what was best for me. The surgery itself was non-problematic. Everything went great and seeing the weight come of is so exciting. I’m very happy for the decision I made in picking Dr. Malladi, I would recommend her to anyone looking for weight loss surgery.

Melissa O.

The service that I have received from Dr. Malladi and her staff has been exceptional. Since I have been coming to the office and I had my surgery, it has truly been life changing for me. In the past, I felt that I would never lose the weight. That changed when I began the program and saw progress. It was small at first but since my surgery, I can see the difference with my energy level and my body. I have lost 4 inches in my waist and my clothes are fitting looser. My surgery was awesome and I didn’t have any complications. Dr. Malladi is awesome and I have recommended her to my friends and coworkers. Thanks!


Yes, my name is Mattie Richardson, I had gastric by pass February 20, 2012. It was a very good success. I lost a total of 142 pounds. The surgery got rid of my high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, and shortness of breath. I got down to 242 pounds from 367 pounds. I kept it off for 2 years until April 2014 to June 2014 I gained 18 pounds. Dr. Malladi is an excellent doctor. She mentor me very closely. Her bedside manner is outstanding. I am very pleases with my journey so far. I have been able to exercise like I should due to my knee surgery but they are doing well now. I will get to exercise more.

Mattie Richardson

I love Dr. Malladi. She is caring, great sense of humor, and all around a great person. I came into this world at 9lbs 9oz and never got smaller. I was a chubby baby and child; a overweight child and adult. At the age of 62 I decided I was tired of being tired and feeling bad. I was on high blood pressure, NSAID meds for my knees & joints, and cholesterol med. I could hardly get around and was having to use a cane because my knees hurt so bad. I made an appointment with Dr. Malladi and decided the sleeve was for me. I love how Methodist Hospital Weight Management Dept. and the bariatric doctors work together for their patients. Three weeks before I had the surgery I weighed 275lbs. I had the surgery. Dr. Malladi explained everything was great with my husband before and after the surgery. Surgery was done on October 15,2012. I have lost a total of 90lbs. I am no longer morbidly obese. I have had no problems with my stomach or anything else since my surgery. I no longer use a cane and am off my meds. I only take vitamin, calcium, fish oil, and Vitamin E. I feel great. Better than I did 20 years ago. Love Dr. Malladi and her staff.

Vickie Lene

Best thing I have ever done for myself. Dr. Malladi is the consummate professional. Courteous, compassionate, caring. The surgery, recovery, and journey was less stressful than I anticipated. C66I am so proud of my new found freedom. Thank you Dr. Malladi!


The service I receive here is very pleasant and helpful to me and my family. The doctor and her staff are kind, professional, very understanding, compassionate, and caring. I thank them all!!


Dr. Malladi was very professional and at the same time very kind. I really loved that she, herself called me while I was in the hospital to check up on me. I have never had a doctor that showed they really cared.

Melissa C.

I have no complaints. As a matter of fact this was the best thing that I could have done. It has changed my life completely. I feel so much better about myself health wise and everything. I can tie my own shoes. I can take a complete shower. I can exercise. I breathe better. Even my sex life is better. I can put my own clothes on. I know as I lose more weight everything will increase and I will be able to do more than I have been doing in years.

Wanda T

My surgery experience was a positive one. From the very beginning, every person I’ve worked with regarding my surgery has been friendly, courteous, and professional. I don’t have any regrets.


Dr. Malladi was great. She put my mind at ease. She answered all my questions and covered everything. She made me feel like I was her only patient.

Cheryl P.

I have only praises for Dr. Malladi, the bariatric program, and the Methodist hospital. I was well educated with classes pertaining to my pre and post surgery. Every contingency was anticipated and addressed. The program made sure that I was physically and mentally ready for this life-changing experience. Every one was professional and courteous. I thank you!

Gwendolyn G.

I have no complaints. Dr. Malladi did a wonderful job!

Arnulfo T.

I am very pleased with my Gastric Sleeve surgery. I had a few complications afterwards with my gallbladder but I’m feeling better. Dr. Malladi is a great doctor and is very attentive.


Dr. Malladi’s office has been great. Always helpful. I am very pleased with my surgery and experience with this office. My insurance let me choose which doctor I would like to see and am glad I went with Dr. Malladi.


Over all, my weight loss and health issues have been great. I am almost off all my medications. Although I developed an ulcer from GI bleeding that happened a few days after surgery, I feel and think I look terrific.

Donna Riss

Dr. Malladi and her staff are great. I have been encouraged by Dr. Malladi each time I have had an appointment down this long rough road I have gone through all my life. I still have memories when am not following the plan to lose weight but then God gives me the outlook of do you want the “Old Melissa” or the ” New Melissa” and quit thinking about eating junk food and not exercising. I am learning that I have to make time for myself to continue on with the ” New Me” life style. Putting the weight back on is not what I want from the ” New Me” life. I would like to get more off instead of on. I need to start having some more me time in the pool. I can see the weight shifting and I don’t want it moving to my hips and legs anymore. I want to get more off to be healthier and be able to get around to be happy. What can I do to not want to eat, eat, and eat? Thanks Dr. Malladi, you are a great doctor. Glad you have been there for the ” New Melissa”.

Melissa A

Dr. Malladi is a very good doctor. She took care of me very well. She cares about your well being before and after your surgery. She also lets you know what to expect before and after your big surgery. I have all trust in her and take her advice when given so I can lose the weight I need to live a healthy life.

Stephanie J

My surgery went very well and Dr. Malladi is a caring, compassionate doctor. She cares about her patients. I have referred two people to her. I have had no problems with my sleeve surgery. I would do it again and wish I had done it sooner. I have more energy and can do a lot more.


I have had a great experience with the staff and with Dr. Malladi, since my first visit. Everyone has been so nice and considerate of me the patient. I would recommend Dr. Malladi to anyone I know interested into his type of procedure.

Victoria L.

I am so please with my surgery. After suffering with my lap band for so long it is such a relief to feel good. I recommend a gastric sleeve over a lap band to anyone who asks. Dr. Malladi has always been kind, respectful, and nonjudgmental in all of my visits. The office staff is great.


I did not want to lose my levels like my mother. Diabetes runs in my family. I did not want to go out like that. I was on blood pressure meds. I was overweight. I weighed 233lbs. I was unhealthy. I did it for health reasons. I look back I was addicted to sugar. Now am doing a lot better. I am more active and I’m healthy. I love Dr. Malladi.


Everything went well.


My experience with Dr. Malladi and her staff has been nothing but positive. This was the best decision I’ve ever made, having weight loss surgery. Dr. Malladi is the best doctor ever. She has a superb bedside manner and is very caring about her patients.

Lisa P

Doctors help was wonderful. They answered all my questions. They also helped me when I was unclear about anything no matter what. I was also made to feel good because they remembered me every visit.

Schesean W.

I had a gastric bypass in 2006 and after about 7 years I realized things weren’t right, so I contacted Dr. Malladi’s office for help. Their office staff is amazing and very helpful. I have been very happy with my revision surgery. Revision surgery was not to lose weight for me, it was to be healthy and not have the issues I was having. They did a great job!


I love Dr. Malladi! She is a great doctor and surgeon. If you want someone who is encouraging, supportive and has a great concern for her patients. She is the doctor for you.


I have been very happy and thankful. Everyone in the office has been nice and helpful. Now for the doctor she is a life saver.

Irma R.

Very happy, no more diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and a lot of new life adventures that would not have been possible without surgery.

Rocio Sixtos

I feel great!! After my surgery I lost weight and gained energy. Dr. Malladi and her staff were very personal and attentive the entire time. I greatly appreciate their help.


Dr. Malladi is a patient doctor that is very thorough and passionate about her job. It gave me a lot of comfort to know and feel like her and her team were concerned with me getting the best care during my weight loss journey. She has always been available to answer any questions or concerns that I had and takes time to ensure you understand all of the procedures and process.

Shatamera W

I appreciate the ” Professional and Personal” approach by Dr. Malladi. The open dialogue with family was very reassuring.


After the very first office visit, I left with a positive feeling of the road ahead. The Malladi program offers a lot of support along your journey. Very friendly staff. No long drawn out waiting for surgery. A battery of thorough testing to help ensure successful results. Dr. Malladi is fantastic.

Daisy S.

Dr. Malladi has been a positive experience on my life, and would recommend her to all my friends and family. With the help this office gives you, you feel like you can accomplish your goal. Thank you Dr. Malladi.

Christopher L.

You all are amazing and you all change lives. Thank you for the level of professionalism when dealing with people who have been limited by their weight.


Dr. Malladi has been awesome through this whole process. I have always had this feeling that she truly cares about me and wants me to be successful. Her staff is great as well. I would recommend Dr. Malladi to anyone.

Valerie L

I absolutely adore Dr. Malladi! She has given me my life back. I have confidence that I’ve never had before. Her bedside manner is by far the best I’ve came across. I recommend her to everyone who mentions having weight loss surgery. I would do it again (pain and all) with her again in a heartbeat.

Mary H.

I have had a very positive experience with Dr. Malladi. My surgery went well and she has provided excellent follow-ups.

Jim Simpson

This experience has been so easy because of how helpful the staff has been. Every question I had was answered and the guidance was plenty pre/post op.


Dr. Malladi and her staff are all so kind and professional. When you come into the office you’re greeted by Luz and she is one of the sweetest front desk receptionist I have come in contact with. She’s truly the example of “GREATNESS!” Dr. Malladi herself is such a professional and wonderful doctor. She will always deserve the best!!

Barbara Coleman

Excellent service by Dr. Malladi and staff. Dr. Malladi explained everything clearly and made sure I was ready for my surgery. It was a great experience. Thanks for helping me reach a very important goal of good health!

Sherri Morgan

Gastric By-pass is the best thing I have done for myself! I feel healthy, I feel good and enjoying life to the fullest. Dr. Malladi is absolutely the best!!! All of the staff are so warm, friendly, and work hard to accommodate their patients. I have had the best experience and have NO negative complaints. Did I mention that now I love to shop for clothes? It is my joy to be able to keep with my precious grandchildren. Thank you Dr. Malladi.

Debra K. Peavy

I have enjoyed each visit with Dr. Malladi and her staff. Each visit I always feel that my wellness is top priority, and here I feel completely comfortable and re-assured that any questions and concerns that I have are addressed. I am more than 100 % happy in my decision of being a patient of Dr. Malladi’s.


I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Malladi and the staff. Everyone is polite and friendly, willing to assist with concerns I may have or have had. Dr. Malladi has been a wonderful doctor, she’s personable, yet professional, compassionate and has wonderful bed side manner. I don’t plan to have any surgeries in the future, but if I must, I’d prefer Dr. Malladi.

Kendra P

Dr. Malladi and her staff are fantastic from my initial consult until the day of surgery and even the follow-up. It has been a great experience for me. Dr. Malladi is a great listener she is interested in your experience and thrives to ensure you’re comfortable every step of the way, she is a great surgeon! I can’t even express my gratitude to her and her staff. Every step has been great so far!

Angela R.

I was extremely nervous and scared for I had not been in the hospital as a patient since I gave birth to my child who is now 35 years old. The staff was the best I could have had from the check-in to the check-out, I was treated like royalty. Since my pain level is at a high tolerance, I was asked a million times about pain medicine- which I never had to use- I had no pain at all. Dr. Malladi was awesome.


The attention and service is the best. I tell everybody don’t go anywhere but to Dr. Malladi. She is better than the rest. Believe me I know, plus the follow up attention is the best. I am glad that guided me on my health growing.

Eddie G

The overall experience was positive. My stay at the hospital was very pleasant. The staff was personable and professional. Dr. Malladi did a great job with the surgery, and she took every precaution before the surgery to ensure a successful outcome. I highly recommend her. She is the best!

Barbara S.

I’ve always experienced a positive, professional and caring environment here at Dr. Malladi’s office. Staff is very nice and I love Dr. Malladi. Have referred a couple of friends.

Denise J.

Dr. Malladi and her staff have been phenomenal! I was nervous on my first visit but everyone put me at ease. I received detailed information and education prior to my surgery that has been so beneficial. My surgery was July 8,2013 and have lost over 100 pounds as of January 15, 2014. I would and have recommended Dr. Malladi to many people.


I’m doing very well. Finally got my strength back and going to the support meetings. Doing good as far as my food and supplements. I’m very pleased with the surgery.

Catherine Martin

I was introduced to Dr. Malladi by Dr. Shetty, as a last minute resort. I’d been dealing with Dr. David Kim but because of other issues Live Life Bariatrics could not perform my surgery. I was in a bind and frustrated because my insurance was at 100% coverage and I only had a couple of months before open enrollment. I met with Dr. Malladi, I felt comfortable after we talked, no apprehensions about going forward. I’m thankful she made me feel at eased, my surgery was successful, and I didn’t have to file chapter 11 to do it. (Smile) Thanks to Dr. Shetty for the meeting and Dr. Malladi for the experience.


When it comes to professionalism, Dr. Malladi and her team are at the top!! Every visit, telephone call, verification process, pre-op communications, surgery, and after surgery consultation, has been pure pleasure dealing with these folks. Dr. Malladi and her staff have set the bar so high, other groups could only hope and pray they even come close to them.

Thomas R.

Dr. Malladi was great! I have enjoyed my experience with her and her staff.


Extremely Thorough, Great Patient Care. Pleased with the level of pre­op and post­op care that I have received since my VSG consult.


Very positive experience before surgery i.e. in depth knowledge of procedure after surgery – intensive caring, knowledgeable of effects, made aware of patient/doctor responsibilities.


My experience has been so wonderful. I wonder why I waited so long. Dr. Malladi came highly recommended by my pastor and co­worker, and I can see why. She is brilliant, compassionate, a skilled surgeon, and nice to boot. Dr. Malladi answered all my questions prior to surgery and has been encouraging and supportive ever since. My gastric sleeve procedure went so well, I was up walking the same day. Her staff are also excellent. Dr. Malladi has helped me with a new start to the new me, and I can’t thank her enough. She is a God send to me!

Angela W.

Dr. Preeti Malladi is a very caring, compassionate thorough physician. She has been very instrumental in my journey to regain control of my life and my health. She has been concerned with all aspects of my care and physical condition. Her treatment and respect for me has changed how I feel about doctors. It has been a huge blessing in my life and I am very grateful to Malladi Bariatrics and their expertise and professionalism. I tell everyone about Dr. Malladi and that they will receive the Best Care Possible as her patient.

Ladonna B.

I am very happy with my choice to have the Bariatric surgery and specially to have Dr. Malladi as my surgeon. My quality of life has improved because of improved sleep, ability to exercise more and lack of sluggishness.


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