Cultivating Comprehensive Wellness

At Malladi Bariatrics and Advanced Surgery, we prioritize the well-rounded care of our patients, extending beyond surgical procedures to encompass a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our education program is thoughtfully designed to empower individuals embarking on a transformative bariatric journey, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools essential for long-term success.

Guided by a team of skilled and compassionate professionals, our comprehensive education program stands as a cornerstone of our commitment to your overall well-being. In conjunction with meeting the stringent requirements set forth by insurance providers, our program aims to equip you with the insights and skills necessary to make informed decisions and cultivate a healthy lifestyle post-surgery.

education program

Guidance For Your Weight Loss Journey

Engage in our introductory class, a dynamic session designed to familiarize you with the key aspects of your bariatric journey. Delve into our comprehensive handbook, a valuable resource meticulously crafted to serve as your go-to guide, offering practical advice, nutritional insights, and motivational tips.

Your support team includes experienced dietitians, fitness trainers, and psychologists, each specializing in their respective fields to provide tailored guidance and support. Whether you prefer face-to-face interactions or the flexibility of telehealth options, we have structured our program to accommodate your preferences, ensuring accessibility without compromising quality.



With a focus on personalized nutrition plans, these experts work closely with patients to develop dietary strategies that align with their unique needs, ensuring they make sustainable and health-conscious choices. From meal planning to addressing nutritional deficiencies, our dietitians empower individuals to forge a positive relationship with food and fuel their bodies optimally, laying a foundation for lasting success.

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Fitness Trainers

Understanding that physical activity is integral to weight loss and overall well-being, our trainers provide not only effective workout routines but also ongoing motivation and support. Whether in-person or through virtual sessions, they guide patients in developing a fitness routine that is both enjoyable and beneficial, fostering habits that extend far beyond the initial stages of the wellness journey.


Our team of psychologists specializes in behavioral strategies, helping patients navigate the emotional aspects of their journey. From addressing underlying issues to providing coping mechanisms, they offer invaluable support in building resilience and promoting a positive mindset. By addressing the psychological components of weight loss, our psychologists contribute significantly to the overall well-being of our patients, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to their transformative journey.

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This Is Just The Beginning

Recognizing that successful outcomes extend beyond the operating room, our educational program is a testament to our commitment to your long-term health and happiness. We invite you to embark on this journey with us, confident that you are not just undergoing a procedure but gaining the knowledge and support necessary to thrive in your post-bariatric life.