John’s Story – Gastric Sleeve

I got up to as much as 351 pounds. I had no energy. I had all sorts of ailments, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea. Then I got into truck driving which that didn’t help at all. So the pounds just went up and up and up, and I tried dieting, but when you are a truck driver, especially when you are over the road because there is nothing healthy in a truck stop. I had to do something, and my wife and kids were on me. You know, “you need to do something”. One day, my wife was in the hospital in Mansfield, and I was looking at brochures about weight loss surgery. I actually contacted a doctor that was in Mansfield, well I sent a request, and Dr. Malladi’s office called me. I don’t know how they ended up with my name, but they did. That’s the reason I told my wife, I feel God had a big play into this you know. So I call Dr. Malladi my guardian angel because I didn’t even ask for information from her and I got it.

When I came in to do the consultation, I was scared of course, but she made me feel comfortable you know, and I did my research on her. She’s the best out there. You could just feel the caringness. To her it’s not about money. It’s about changing people’s lives. You can just feel it and that just sold me and my wife. My wife said “I think she’s the one” you know.

I had the surgery about 8 months ago in June, and I had the sleeve which they prepare you for. It’s a process. You go through the dietary, the psychological, and you learn. You learn how to eat and everything, once you have the surgery, the surgery is just a tool. You use that tool to make the lifestyle change, and if you make the lifestyle change, it will work. I’ve lost 126 pounds since the process started. Everything from my energy level is up and my self- esteem is back. You know, I have confidence where I didn’t have confidence before. I wanted to stay on the couch. Now I want to get out and do things. Today, I have been in the yard. Like I told the ladies in there, I am going to the gym after I leave here. Before, there was no way I would have been able to do that. I would recommend Dr. Malladi and her team due to the fact of the family atmosphere, and they are going to work with you to get your through and make the change in your life so you can be a better person and enjoy your life again, instead of being down and on the couch.h

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