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Lori’s Store – Revision Patient Lapband to Gastric

Most of my adult life I struggled with gaining weight and then trying to lose weight. I had tried all diets, every other option, Weight Watchers, several other fad diets, even diet pills. I had even sought to try medication. In 2012, I opted to do a Lap Band as a tool to try to help me lose weight with another provider, not Dr. Malladi. I experienced some issues with the Lap Band. Food would get stuck and I was not able to keep food down. I experienced acid reflux and even some pain where the port site was. I continued on with that life for seven years before I decided to seek out help for, you know, what I was experiencing with the Lap Band. Dr. Malladi really asked a lot of questions about my journey and what I been through and what I was currently experiencing, examination, sent me for several tests that I did not feel like were done when I went in for the Lap Band. After visiting her, I was happy that she was a female for one. I feel like female physicians tend to relate better to females so that was quite comforting and when I met her she was very caring. So, the two options that I was given because of the acid reflux that I was experiencing were either the gastric sleeve or the gastric bypass, and I chose the gastric sleeve.

I had my revision in December 2019, so it’s a little over two months, and things are going great actually. I am not experiencing acid reflux anymore. I am sleeping better now. I no longer have to take high blood pressure medication. My blood pressure has significantly gone down so I’m no longer on blood pressure medication. I have more energy. I feel better. I can, you know, do more activities so things have gone really well. Eating well, I have just taken a new love for eating now that I have had the revision done. So I’m exploring recipes and just doing a lot of new things that I was not interested in doing prior to having my gastric sleeve. I would highly recommend Dr. Malladi and her office. They are very caring, kind, and considerate people. It was a great experience. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Dr. Malladi and her team here.

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