Cynthia’s Story – Gastric Bypass

Life was very difficult. My weight was so over to where it was hard breathing at night. I had sleep apnea, blood pressure issues, and then I also had diabetes due to my weight, and one day, I went to see my PCP doctor, and she told me if I did not do anything, they would be burying me soon. So I had to make up my mind and when I came to see her, she broke down everything that I would need to do, how this would be a life changing thing, which is actually something that we should do anyway. She was more personal with me. That’s what I like about her and the girls; they were very personal with me.

A year and three months ago, I actually had the gastric bypass surgery, and I have actually lost 125 pounds. Since then, I have been able to exercise regularly, walk without a problem, and I have also started jogging. Before I had the surgery, I did have back problems, and now I don’t have back problems. I had sleep apnea, and now I don’t have sleep apnea anymore. It’s a life changing thing. You have to learn how to eat, eat properly, eat the right things that are designed for us to do. Yes, I would say that this is very doable and it is worth it. I would do it again if I had to. Dr. Malladi and her teams are the greatest. They will help you succeed.

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