Angela's Story

Angela’s Story – Gastric Bypass

I mean, I have always been the biggest out of my family, sister, brother, mom, dad, cousins, just family in general. I was always the biggest one. I had always tried diets, tried not eating as much, tried eating better and just could never get off the weight. Then, I had my daughter and that in turn really put on the pounds. It’s one of those snowball effects, once you start it just kind of keeps on going. So for a long time, I would just sort of plateau at one weight and then it just started creeping up and up as I started getting older.

Well, when I first started looking, I was new to Dallas, so I had to call my insurance and of course get referrals through my insurance. With that, I was also googling doctors around here. I think what caught my eye with her website was her flower. Like she has a big ole flower on her website and so it was just kind of like a welcoming thing for me. Coming here, I’m big on staff also, so the staff alone, I mean, they were super nice and then meeting Dr. Malladi herself, it was just calming. She was very non-judgmental at all. She wanted to teach you more about the different procedures that were there. I had a lot of acid reflux and it was pretty bad. With the gastric bypass, it kind of alleviates the bad acid reflux so that is why I chose to go with the gastric bypass.

Since I have had the gastric bypass, it’s coming up on a year now. I’ve lost 120 pounds and it is just life changing. I mean everything changes, from being able to sit in certain seats. Everything is just a whole lot better. I can wear heels now you know. Dressing and not having to go to a specialty store. I still enjoy food. I thought that was going to be the biggest thing is that I was not going to be able to enjoy food anymore and I was a big foodie. I can still enjoy things, maybe not as much as I did before, but I mean I am still enjoying life and enjoying that has to come with it. I can do it even more now so making this decision has been the greatest decision I’ve made. Dr. Malladi has been great with everything.

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