D Magazine best doctors for 2020
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Dr. Malladi Named One of D Magazine’s Best Doctors for 2020

For the ninth year in a row, Dr. Preeti Malladi has been selected by D Magazine as one of the best doctors for 2020. This accolade confirms what her patients already know: Dr. Malladi is a leading bariatric surgeon in Dallas, Texas.

How Best Doctors for 2020 Are Chosen

The way D Magazine selects doctors is designed to make it easy for patients to choose specialists they can trust. Their list is based on a survey of professionals in the area.

Specifically, D Magazine sends out surveys to about 1,000 general practitioners, family doctors, pediatricians, and other physicians who often make referrals. In addition, the publication surveys 4,000 specialists in the area. The survey asks responding doctors to whom they would refer their friends and family for various medical concerns.  The resulting list is a compilation of doctors that physicians would trust with their own healthcare.

Chosen by Doctors, Trusted by Patients

Patients who are in search of a doctor can benefit immensely from this list. Rather than relying purely on recommendations from family and friends—who might not have the same needs and preferences—or choosing from the typically narrow lists provided by insurers, patients can use D Magazine’s Best Doctors to choose a physician who has been nominated by their peers to provide skillful and compassionate treatment. The process of choosing an excellent doctor is made much easier as a result.

Choose the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Dallas

The fact that Dr. Malladi has been nominated for nine years running as one of Dallas’s best bariatric surgeons means doctors would trust her with those they care about most. If you are searching for bariatric or general surgery, you can rely on Dr. Malladi and her team to provide excellent care. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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