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Maintain Weight Loss While Working from Home

While working from home does provide more flexibility and overall freedom, it also makes it easy to get stuck in a sedentary lifestyle. The extra time spent sitting can make it difficult to maintain weight loss while working from home, but fortunately, there are some simple habits that can help you combat that problem.

1. Take Exercise Breaks

First, it helps to take brief exercise breaks. If you have designated break times during the day, use those to do something active, even if it’s as simple as handling some household chores, going for a walk around your neighborhood, or playing with the dog.

2. Use a Standup Desk

Another way to avoid being sedentary all day is to get a standup desk. Not only will you avoid sitting while working on your computer, but it will also feel more natural to move around a little, do stretches, dance in place, etc.

3. Keep Unhealthy Snacks Out of Sight

When working from home, you’re more likely to spend extra time in your kitchen, which means any unhealthy snacks or sweets in sight will be more tempting. To avoid that temptation, put snacks out of sight, such as in a drawer or on a high shelf.  Better yet, don’t buy or make unhealthy foods.

4. Plan Your Meals

It’s often easy to forget meals when you don’t have a set work schedule. For instance, lunch is often overlooked, but it’s important to keep yourself from skipping meals since you’ll only get hungrier later on. Often, the end result is overeating once dinnertime comes around.

Planning your meals in advance helps you avoid this problem while at the same time keeping you out of the kitchen as much as possible.

5. Eat in a Separate Space

It’s well known that having a dedicated workspace helps you avoid distractions and maintain productivity. In addition, making your work area a no-food zone makes it easier to avoid grazing during the day since it will force you to physically go into a separate space for meals.

6. Find Physical Activities You Enjoy

When it comes to staying active, exercise can be difficult if it feels like a chore. To get yourself moving more during the day, try to find physical activities that you actually enjoy, regardless of whether they’re optimal for weight loss. Some form of movement that you enjoy is better than none at all.

7. Find Ways to Stay Accountable

Finally, accountability is key to maintaining weight loss, especially in a work-from-home environment where you’re isolated from others. Posting progress on social media, signing up for 30-day challenges, and meeting regularly with a physical trainer—even remotely—can help you maintain the level of dedication it takes to keep losing weight.

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