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Maintaining Diet and Exercise During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current pandemic has everyone spending lots of time indoors, which has been tough on those who are trying to improve their lifestyle with diet and exercise. Getting the nutrition and activity you need in order to maintain your health or lose weight can be a challenge, but it is possible with the tips we’ll provide here.

Dietary Tips for the Pandemic

If you are trying to improve your diet, the following tips can help, even during times when you might not be able to get to the store as often as normal.

Mind fat and sugars

Many people have turned toward canned goods during this time, even though stores are still open. While it’s good to have nonperishable food items on hand, canned foods aren’t usually the healthiest option.

If you opt for canned foods, try to choose options that have lower amounts of fat, sugar, and salt. At the same time, opt for items high in protein and nutrients. Doing so may mean taking a little extra time to look at labels, but it can be worthwhile when maintaining your diet.

Freeze fresh produce

Canned foods aren’t the only option during the crisis. Fresh fruits and vegetables are generally far healthier, and if you need to store them long-term, freezing them will allow them to keep for months. Other fresh produce may not need to be frozen, such as sweet potatoes or broccoli, making them great options as well.

Find ways to destress

Stress eating may be hard to avoid during these times, but it’s important to learn to manage your stress in healthy ways. Find something quiet that you enjoy, such as reading a book or doing some exercises to decompress.

Exercising while Practicing Social Distancing

The need for social distancing has caused many people to spend most of their time indoors, which has cut into countless exercise routines. To keep your exercise regimen up, these tips can help.

Go outside

In most places, it’s fine to go outside for a jog or brisk walk—just as long as you maintain about six feet of distance from others. Also, wash your hands before going out and after getting back inside.

Do simple indoor exercises

Lunges, planks, step ups, crunches, pushups, and other exercises require little to no equipment, and they can each be an effective part of your workout routine. Cycling through a few of these exercises for a few minutes at a time throughout your day will help you maintain a healthy level of activity.

Get creative

While you might not have access to gym equipment, you can still do some weight lifting and similar exercises with a bit of creativity. For example, try filling a couple old bottles with water and lifting those, or take some time to move your furniture around to strengthen your muscles. Get creative and find your own ways to get your workout routine in each day.

Maintaining Your Health During a Health Crisis

During this worldwide health crisis, it’s more important than ever to maintain your health. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can keep up on healthy activities and stay resilient throughout this entire ordeal.

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