to avoid weight gain at the holiday sit far away from the buffet
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9 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

The holiday season is a great time for families and friends to get together and create memories. Often, this include meals which can be a challenge for someone who wants to avoid weight gain or is struggling to lose weight. If you’re following a restricted diet due to a recent weight loss surgery, if you have lost weight with diet and exercise and want to keep it off, or if you are just trying to practice healthier eating habits, the following tips can help you stay on target and avoid weight gain during the holidays.

1. Prioritize Nutrients

When preparing meals or eating with loved ones, prioritize nutrients and proteins before fat. That means putting fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and other nutritious items ahead of sweets and fatty foods.

2. Keep to Normal Meal Routines

It also helps to stick with normal mealtimes. To avoid weight gain, eat at roughly the same times each day, and you’ll avoid overindulging in hefty meals due to hunger.

3. Learn How Much Exercise It Takes to Work Off Food Items

Knowledge is power, as they say. By taking some time to learn just how much exercise is required to work off the calories from indulgent treats, you’ll put yourself in a better position to avoid weight gain over the holiday season. It can be easier to refuse sweets or fatty foods simply by knowing how much work it will take to counteract them.

4. Bring Diet-Friendly Dishes to Gatherings

Instead of leaving yourself at the mercy of whatever others have prepared, consider bringing your own healthy dishes to gatherings. That way, you’ll have an easier time choosing healthy options and cutting down on unhealthy ones without necessarily imposing on others.

5. Eat Before Heading Out

Before heading out for an event, grocery shopping, or errands, have a light meal to keep yourself from impulsive eating while you’re out.

6. Use a Smaller Plate

At events, consider using a smaller appetizer plate to avoid weight gain. Doing so can help you keep your portion sizes smaller and focus on prioritizing healthier foods.

7. Take Care Around Buffets

There are a few tactics you can use at buffets, with numerous food options, to avoid weight gain. One is to sit far away from the buffet table to keep temptation to a minimum.  Another is to survey the whole table before making food choices. Doing that can help you prioritize what you really want the most and avoid piling random foods on your plate.

8. When the Magic Stops, You Stop

If you indulge in a small treat, stop eating when it no longer tastes as good as the first bite. When the magic of that first bite wears off, that’s your cue to stop and toss it or share the rest.

9. Find Support

Finally, simply asking friends and family to help you stay on track can work wonders. By making others aware of your dietary needs, they can keep you accountable and offer help to keep you focused.

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