Post Gallbladder Surgery Diet

What Can I Eat After Gallbladder Surgery?

Recovery from gallbladder removal is easy when compared to what a patient experiences during a gallbladder attack. Most patients are excited for the surgery and relieved the pain has ended. To heal properly and comfortably, patients will need to maintain a proper diet following surgery. The diet after surgery is comparable to the one a patient follows when trying to avoid gallbladder attacks; low fat and high fiber.

Diet for After Gallbladder Surgery

After gallbladder surgery, many patients experience diarrhea. When the gallbladder is removed from the digestive system, bile becomes less concentrated and has a laxative effect on the body. Your body will soon adjust, but in the meantime, it’s important to follow a proper diet. The diet after gallbladder surgery, which can help lessen the symptoms and improve your body’s healing rate, includes the following points:

  • Avoid fatty foods. Don’t eat fried foods or high fat foods for at least a week after surgery. This includes gravies, butter, and ice cream.
  • Increase fiber. Don’t go overboard on fiber but add it to your diet. This can be as simple as having oatmeal with non-fat milk for breakfast. Be cautious, as too much fiber can cause stomach issues.
  • Smaller meals. Eat small, frequent meals for better digestion. Limiting food to small portions will make the small bile production better suited for digestion.
  • Avoid caffeine. You should also avoid caffeine until the diarrhea clears up and your bowel movements are more normal. This includes coffee and tea. Once your digestion has returned to normal, you can slowly reintroduce it back into your diet.

What Should I Eat After Gallbladder Surgery?

Keep your meals small, healthy, and avoid spicy foods. It may be best to prepare meals ahead of your surgery, so they are available when you come home. Below are a few sample menus for use after surgery.


  • Oatmeal, with non-fat milk and fruit
  • Toast with peanut butter or sunflower butter
  • Scrambled eggs with whole grain toast


  • Whole grain bread sandwich, with turkey, lettuce, and tomato
  • Vegetable soup with soda crackers
  • Whole grain bread sandwich with tuna


  • Roasted turkey breast, steamed white or brown rice, cooked carrots
  • Grilled fish, baked potato, side salad
  • Whole grain pasta with marinara or meat sauce

Recovery from Gallbladder Surgery

You will begin to feel better a few days post-op, but the limited diet will need to continue for a few weeks to stabilize your digestive system. As your body begins to normalize, slowly reintroduce foods back into your diet but in limited amounts. Wait to see how new foods affect your body before consuming too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I eat ramen noodles after gallbladder removal? Soft, solid foods (i.e. bananas, plain pasta, eggs, etc.) are easier for your body to digest,but this depends on how you are feeling after your gallbladder removal. It is important to remember that it is best to slowly introduce solid foods as more time passes.
  • Can I consume dairy products? Yes and no. It is best to avoid whole milk dairy products as they may upset your stomach further because your body might have trouble breaking it down. However, dairy products that are low in fat or are fat free may be easier for your body to digest due to the low fat content.
  • Can I eat peanut butter after my gallbladder removal? Yes, peanut butter contains many nutrients such as protein and magnesium so it can help with diarrhea and other stomach problems you may be facing post-op.

Minimally-Invasive Gallbladder Removal Surgery

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