Revisional Bariatric Surgery Dallas

Bariatric Surgery Revision

Bariatric Surgery Revision

While weight loss surgery has a very high success rate, sometimes this surgery is not successful the first time and bariatric surgery revision is needed. Bariatric surgery revision is a second weight loss surgery performed on patients whose first procedure was not successful.

First Bariatric Surgery Unsuccessful

Some patients who need weight loss surgery revision may have had their initial procedure before they were fully committed to the lifestyle changes—healthier eating and regular exercising—that must be made in order to have success. Returning to old, unhealthy habits will almost certainly lead to a regain of most, if not all of the patient’s lost weight.

Others may have stretched out the stoma, the opening between a gastric bypass patient’s newly created pouch and the small intestine because they ignored postoperative eating instructions. Some patients stretch out the stoma by not chewing up their food into small enough pieces, by drinking carbonated beverages, or by forcing large pieces of food through the stoma with liquids. When this happens, a patient no longer feels full and is therefore more likely to overeat.

Complications from Bariatric Surgery

Still others may have had procedures for which revision is now commonly recommended. Patients who have had a vertical-banded gastroplasty have experience unpleasant side effects and/or less success with weight loss. These patients often have a conversion to a gastric bypass or a re-banding of the gastroplasty.

Those who have had jejunal-ileal bypass, even if they have no side effects or symptoms, should have a revision of this procedure due to the high potential for liver disease or liver failure. These patients typically have a conversion to gastric bypass or a return to normal anatomy.

Who is Eligible for Bariatric Surgery Revision

The good news is that advances are being made every day in the techniques and technologies used in bariatric surgery. This means that there is a good chance that the bariatric surgery revision will be more successful than the first, if the patient is in relatively good health (besides weight related issues), has reasonable expectations, and is committed to following their doctor’s instructions. If you need bariatric surgery revision, Dr. Malladi can review your options with you and together you can develop a treatment plan.

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