Tips to Avoid Weight Gain at Work
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Are Your Work Habits Making You Gain Weight?

If you’re like most Americans, you spend a significant part of your life at work. The habits you form in your work environment can impact other aspects of your life – including your weight. Certain work habits, such as eating a daily donut, munching on unhealthy work snacks, and sitting for hours at a time could be contributing to weight gain and even obesity. If you’re taking work home with you in more ways than one, weight loss solutions are available. Start with these facts and tips to prevent work-related weight gain.

What Causes Work Weight Gain?

The first step toward avoiding weight gain at work is finding out the most common causes of it for U.S. employees. One Career Builder survey found 44% of respondents reported gaining weight since starting their present jobs. One fourth (25%) said they’d gained more than 10 pounds. When asked what they thought contributed to the gain, the majority of respondents (53%) answered sitting at a desk all day. Further research has shown the following as top reasons workers may be gaining weight:

  • Stress-eating
  • Sitting most of the day
  • Being too tired from work to exercise
  • Eating out for lunch often
  • Eating unhealthy snacks available at work
  • Failing to take advantage of wellness benefits

Stress and weight gain go hand in hand. When work stresses employees out, they have a higher chance of gaining weight and becoming obese. A large percentage (77%) of workers under “extreme stress” in the Career Builder study were overweight. Stress, combined with unhealthy habits during a work day, can mean significant weight problems for employees. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone, but solutions are available.

How to Avoid Gaining Weight at Work

Avoiding the common causes of work weight gain is a great first step toward a healthier future. If you know you can’t resist the basket of free snacks in the break room, take a route to the bathroom that doesn’t pass it. Bring your own healthy snacks with you to keep at your desk. Sit the farthest away from the donut platter or bagel table during work meetings.  Studies show that having food visible can double the amount you eat. Get up and stretch a few times an hour. Take a lap around the office when you can and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Take advantage of any wellness benefits or gym memberships your workplace offers. Many corporations are taking initiatives to help their employees resist weight gain and stay healthy. If your office doesn’t have such a program, bring the subject up to a supervisor. Workplace wellness programs don’t only benefit employees – they can save companies money by ensuring employees have fewer sick days and have increased productivity. Happier, healthier employees with better work-life balances are more likely to enjoy job satisfaction.

Take Control of Your Weight (And Your Life)

Your job, job-related stress, and not having enough time after work to exercise may all be contributing to your weight gain, but you don’t have to just accept your situation.  If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or greater and have not had success with other weight-loss programs, you may be a candidate for bariatric surgery.  Schedule a weight loss surgery consultation with the bariatric surgeon Dr. Malladi to learn more. Contact us today.

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