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How to Have a Healthy Summer After Bariatric Surgery

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to get out in the sun, enjoy the outdoors, or head out on vacation! Of course, that doesn’t mean you should take a vacation from a healthy lifestyle, especially after bariatric surgery. There are many ways to enjoy a healthy summer after weight loss surgery.

Creating Healthy Habits During the Summer After Bariatric Surgery

According to studies, the summer can actually lead to increased weight gain, especially for women. Reaching your weight loss goals requires consistent habits, and that includes the habits you create during the summer and while on vacation. Some items to keep in mind include:

Maintaining a Diet

The hot weather often curbs appetites, making food items like salads and fruit more appealing. That said, maintaining a healthy diet still requires consistent, intentional effort. Planning meals with that in mind can help you get enough protein and nutrients, even when you head out on vacation.

Staying Active

Summer weather can be a great opportunity for outdoor physical activities like swimming, volleyball, hiking, etc. Strength training exercises can also help without necessarily putting you out in the summer heat. If you’re not fond of working out in the sun, planning exercise during the morning or evening can be a great way to avoid the hottest times of the day.

Enjoying Yourself

To build and maintain healthy summer habits, one of the most helpful items to consider is the matter of fun. If you like water but dislike hiking in the woods or running, plan plenty of water activities to stay active! Maybe if sports aren’t your thing, something like yoga or martial arts could help you find fulfillment while giving you great ways to work out. If it’s fun to you, you’ll be more likely to do it consistently.

Tips for Avoiding Temptations During the Summer

AS always, food can be tempting, especially during a vacation when you’re trying to relax. To avoid temptations, these tips may help.

Plan Healthy Meals

Healthy meal planning is key, even if you’re on vacation. You’ll especially need to focus on protein and important nutrients since your appetite may not be as strong on hotter days.

If you’re traveling, planning places to eat can help you stay on track. Take a look at menus in advance and make healthy choices before being presented with tempting options once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Loosen Up

While meal planning can help you stay on track, it’s important not to overdo it. Research actually supports this—one study found that those who were told to abstain from eating certain snacks for 24 hours ate more afterward than those who were given no such instructions. The takeaway here is that a loose plan can be better than a strict one, and it’s certainly better than no plan at all.

Stay Hydrated

As always, hydration is important, but that’s especially true during the summer. Drink plenty of water, and avoid sugary drinks. In addition, alcoholic consumption should be kept to a minimum since alcohol can dehydrate you.

Make Your Own Treats

Making your own frozen treats can help you avoid temptations to overindulge in ice cream or other less healthy snacks. For instance, protein shake powder is an excellent option for making your own popsicles. Healthy desserts involving fruit and low-fat ingredients can be good substitutes for traditional summer treats as well.

Treat Yourself Without Using Food

Finally, avoiding temptation often comes down to making sure you’re finding fulfillment in ways other than food. Find ways to treat yourself without resorting to eating, such as getting a massage, engaging in a hobby, etc.

Ideas for Summer Exercise After Bariatric Surgery

Exercise is also important to having a healthy summer after surgery. Some fun exercise activities you might try include:

      • Morning or evening walks through parks, on beaches, etc.
      • Outdoor fitness classes
      • Yoga
      • Martial arts
      • Beach games and sports
      • Cycling
      • Swimming

As already mentioned, pick something you like, and you’ll be more likely to keep at it.

Stay On Track This Summer

Stay on track this summer can also benefit from professional support, especially after bariatric surgery. Dr. Malladi offers many resources to patients, including access to support groups, dietitians, physical trainers, and so on. To learn more about bariatric surgery and its potential results, check out some of these success stories.

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