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Qualifications for Gastric Sleeve

Individuals who are morbidly obese and have been unsuccessful at regulating their weight through normal means sometimes turn to surgical procedures, such as sleeve gastrectomy, as a solution.  But not every obese person meets the qualifications for sleeve gastrectomy. Before choosing this as an option for losing weight, you’ll need to meet specific qualifications for gastric sleeve.

Gastric Sleeve Overview

Sleeve gastrectomy, also known as gastric sleeve surgery, reduces the size of your stomach to limit food intake. The goal of the surgery is to reduce how much food you need to consume before you feel full, making it a great tool for supporting a healthier lifestyle.

Gastric Sleeve Qualifications

In order to be considered for this surgery, you’ll have to meet specific requirements.  Sleeve gastrectomy qualifications are reviewed below:

High Body Mass Index

Sleeve gastrectomy and other bariatric surgeries are reserved for the morbidly obese, which is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more.

Individuals with a BMI of 35 or more may still qualify if they meet other health requirements.

To find your BMI, divide your weight in pounds by your height in inches squared, then multiply that by 703. As a formula, it’ll look like this:

[Your weight in pounds] ÷ [Your height in inches]2 x 703

If you plug your weight and height into that equation and the result exceeds 40, you’re likely eligible.

Co-morbid conditions

Individuals with a BMI between 35 and 39.9 typically must have at least one comorbidity to be considered eligible for gastric sleeve surgery. A comorbidity is another health problem caused by excess weight, such as:

  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension (high heart rate)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Asthma
  • Joint pain

If you’re experiencing any of these conditions and can connect it to your excess weight, you’ll likely be considered for surgery.

Able to handle the stress of surgery

Aside from the qualifications described above, you’ll need to be able to handle the physical stress of surgery itself. Fortunately, our minimally invasive approach using  laparoscopic surgery has made these procedures easier to tolerate.  That said, some people may have health conditions that make surgery risky, and this may make them ineligible for gastric sleeve.

Prepared to make changes

The last of the qualifications for gastric sleeve is psychological. Candidates need to be ready to make life changes after their surgery is complete, including improved diet and exercise. Without that readiness, the operation likely won’t produce long term success.

Finding Out if You’re Eligible

To find out if you meet these gastric sleeve qualifications, you’ll need to talk to a qualified surgeon. Dr. Malladi and her staff can help you determine if you meet sleeve gastrectomy qualifications.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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