health benefits of weight loss

Immediate Health Benefits of Weight Loss

Losing weight is a struggle for hundreds of thousands of people in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third of Americans are classified as obese.

Improving Health Through Weight Loss

If shedding pounds were easy, obesity would not be the serious health crisis that our nation faces today. Sadly, many obese people succeed at losing weight, yet fail to maintain their weight loss. There are many theories on why obese people tend to regain weight after losing it. Regardless of the reasons, many obese people will not successfully defeat the condition on their own. Most will need medical intervention, such as bariatric surgery, to achieve the health benefits of weight loss.

Immediate Benefits

The good news is if an obese person loses as little as 10% of their total body weight, they realize immediate health benefits. Some of the immediate health benefits of weight loss include:

  • Lower risk of diabetes: Losing just 5%-10% of your total body weight can drastically improve insulin sensitivity in the liver and muscle tissue. Since your body will have to produce less insulin to overcome insulin resistance, this will ultimately reduce the odds that you’ll get diabetes.
  • Reduced blood pressure: Hypertension is common in those who are obese, so losing weight will help with that. Losing even just 5 to 10% of your current weight can result in decreased blood pressure.
  • Healthier liver: Losing even a little weight can reduce the fat deposits around your liver, resulting in healthier function and lowering the risk of developing fatty liver disease.
  • Better sleep: Obstructive sleep apnea often plagues those who are obese, and it can lead to many other health issues. As you start to lose weight, you’ll notice that you feel better during the day since you’re able to breathe easier at night. Also, weight loss can help reduce snoring, which bed partners will appreciate.
  • Increased HDL cholesterol: When we hear ‘cholesterol,’ we don’t usually think of it as a good thing. However, HDL cholesterol helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. With the first 5 to 10 pounds you lose, this type of cholesterol increases, effectively resulting in a healthier heart.
  • Less inflammation: The fat cells around your abdominal region produce chemicals that inflame blood vessels, making blockages more likely. Less fat means less inflammation, which in turn means lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Of course, this is just the beginning. Continued weight loss reduces strain on your joints, increases your energy, improves self-esteem, and further improves the serious health issues mentioned above. If you have a body mass index of over 35 and have been unsuccessful with weight loss before, or if you have never tried to lose, it’s not too late! Contact Dr. Malladi to discuss your weight loss procedure options.

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