How to Live Healthy After Weight Loss Surgery

5 Tips for Life Post Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can change your life in dramatic ways. Depending on the type of procedure you go for, you’ll find you cannot even stomach certain food choices that you once craved. You’ll lose weight quickly, and that itself will mean certain changes to your lifestyle.

In order for your surgery to be truly successful, it must have a long-term impact on how you live. The following five tips will help you keep the weight off and live a healthy, happy life post weight loss surgery.

  1. Follow your doctor’s orders: Especially when it comes to eating, follow your doctor’s orders. If it seems a little extreme what she’s asking you to do, it’s because you just underwent a fairly extreme surgery. Following doctor’s orders will help you recover faster, feel healthier, and live happier.
  2. Exercise regularly: Keeping weight off is as much a matter of physical activity as it is diet. Stay active, and you won’t fall into the trap of regaining the weight you lose.
  3. Avoid mindless snacking: Also called grazing, random snacking throughout the day will lead to weight regain and ruin mealtimes in a big way. When the amount you’re able to eat is limited, every food choice matters. You’ll need to focus on getting as much nutritional value as possible out of what you eat, and filling up on snacks can keep you from doing that.
  4. Cut out high-calorie drinks: Again, filling up on empty calories can lead to malnutrition, and drinks high in calories can lead to weight regain. Avoid drinks like coke, milkshakes, and alcoholic beverages, since these can all introduce calories without any other nutritional value.
  5. Protein first: When planning meals, focus on getting protein first. This will help you maintain muscle and feel full longer after eating. After protein, choose fruits and vegetables for added nutrients.

These tips will help you cope effectively and healthily to the changes you’ll see post bariatric surgery. To learn more about life after weight loss surgery, contact the office of Malladi Bariatrics and Advanced Surgery to schedule an appointment.

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